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QM Projects: work with the community and boost your CV

Monday 8 April 2013

On Wednesday 13 March, QM students and representatives from local charities gathered to celebrate the achievements of QM Projects, QM’s local work experience scheme, which is run through the QM Careers and Enterprise Centre. QM Projects gives you the chance to work as a Project Leader in challenging projects in local charities, developing your employability and also supporting the work of local charities.

Since QM Projects launched in January 2012, 128 QM students have been placed into projects at 23 London-based charities. 73 per cent of these charities are based in our local area, East London. Projects have been diverse and have included: improving the Search Engine Optimisation of a website, setting up a social media campaign, event-planning, leading a government lobbying campaign, developing educational curriculum, analysing raw data and writing funding proposals.

QM Projects gives you an opportunity to develop and showcase your skills – such as leadership, influencing, problem-solving and initiative – whilst also helping a local charity. At the end of the project, you’ll be able to give a clear, positive outcome of your achievement on your CV.

Each project lasts three months and is both part time and flexible around your schedule, generally taking up only one day a week of your time. Although unpaid, travel expenses are covered. You will also receive thorough feedback and support during the application and interview process, as well as help updating your CV with your new experiences once you’ve finished your project.

At the event Lindsey Shirah, QM Projects Coordinator in the QM Careers and Enterprise Centre, brought together the students who have already completed projects, and students who are about to start them, alongside representatives from the charities and QM staff.

Joe Barlow, a final year BA History student, completed a project as a Passport to Employability Project Leader at Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (THEBP) in July. Joe was able to network with local businesses during his project at the charity. Through one of these networks he was offered some additional part-time work with a local management consultancy. Joe, who spoke at the event, said: ‘The opportunity of working at THEBP has not only provided me with incredible work experience for my CV, but it has also provided me with contacts I can count on in the future.’

Lindsey quote: ‘QM Projects is particularly designed to help students who need to build their CV before applying for internships and graduate jobs. The feedback and support we give to students during the application and interview process, as well as after the project, provides a great chance to practice applying for jobs and builds confidence in moving into the workplace.’

For more information about QM Projects, and how you can get involved, visit the QM Projects web pages or contact Lindsey Shirah, QM Projects Coordinator, l.shirah@qmul.ac.uk.


QM Careers and Enterprise Centre

QM Projects is just one of the initiatives from the QM Careers and Enterprise Centre. They have recently launched QM Temps, a professional recruitment service which offers a specialised and tailored service to current students and recent graduates.

In March, the Centre also launched a new service for students called QM Interns which sources short term paid internships exclusively for current QM students and recent graduates.

Visit the QM Careers and Enterprise Centre’s website to find out more about the services and how you can get involved.

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