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History and Politics student to publish fourth book

Monday 8 April 2013

A student from QM is set to publish his fourth book, at the age of just 20. Welsh student Grant Tucker is in the second year of his degree in History and Politics at Queen Mary, and is currently compiling a history of great Parliamentary speeches from the last four decades.

This latest work follows three books published as he started university: Not the Best Looking Bird, a collection of quotes from Blackpool Football Club Manager Ian Holloway (2011); The Margaret Thatcher Book of Quotations (2012), compiled with Conservative commentator Iain Dale; and the third and most successful project so far, 5,000 Great One Liners (2012), which has sold 5,000 copies to date.

Speeches featured in his latest book, which will be published in autumn 2013, include the famous "No, No, No" statement by Margaret Thatcher on Europe, the resignation of Geoffrey Howe, and the important first debate on AIDs in 1986.

“It is very hard to choose a favourite from the huge variety of speeches, but for me it has to be Robin Cook's resignation speech as Foreign Secretary over Iraq,” says Grant. “Not because I necessarily agreed with everything he said, but it was the way he said it. He exuded principles and passion which we rarely see in politics nowadays.”

Grant currently lives in Canada Water and, whilst studying at the School of Politics and International Relations, also works as Executive Assistant to blogger and broadcaster Iain Dale. He hopes to pursue a career in radio or documentary production after completing his studies.

He credits Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain for sparking an interest in politics, particularly Baroness Thatcher: “The episode on the 1980s and Thatcher was completely fascinating and inspired me to explore both her governments and politics more generally,” he explains.

“Growing up in Newport, South Wales, I fully understood the consequences of some of her policies but I can’t help admiring her unwavering principles, steely determination and her ability to inspire through the power of words. We haven’t had a leader of the same calibre since.”

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