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QM Student - Katharine Rosser, QM Alumni and ‘Spotlight’ Project Manager

Friday 1 March 2013

I graduated from QM in July 2012 with a BA Hons in Drama. During my final year I undertook the class “Applied Performance”: a practice based module exploring theatre and performance in the community, often in unconventional performance contexts. It was this extraordinarily rich module that allowed for students to gain work placements with professional organisations. I was fortunate enough to do a three month admin and production placement with Project Phakama, an arts organisation based at QM. This hands on experience of an arts organisation in practice proved to be an invaluable step that in turn led to my role as Associate Creative Producer in the run up to and delivery of the pop up festival ‘Velela!’ held at QM in June 2012.

Project Phakama UK is an independent, charitable youth arts organisation driven by the desire to make high quality arts. In October 2012, we embarked on a new project ‘Spotlight’, of which I am currently the Project Manager. Spotlight is a year long training programme in the Creative and Cultural Industries for 18-24 year olds not in employment, education or training. It is an extensive training programme for young people interested in the behind the scenes aspects of the arts, ranging from production to design. The project aims to harness their interest and potential, equipping them with the tools necessary to work in this notoriously competitive sector. They train with industry professionals, undertake work placements with established arts organisations, produce their own arts event and gain an accreditation.

Stephanie Kelley, a final year Drama student, completed a documentation placement with Phakama and commented “Spotlight is about bringing people together to learn, explore and collaborate…There seems to be so many real and perceived obstacles within the arts industry that stop us from going for what we really want, so a programme like Spotlight is essential in bridging the gap between having an idea, and knowing how to make it happen.”

The outcome of the project is, of course, primarily one of benefit to them individually, but more broadly, seeks to help make the Creative and Cultural industries more accessible and in time, more diverse.

For more information on Spotlight, or Project Phakama UK, visit our website at www.projectphakama.org and please feel free to get in touch!

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