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Got a social enterprise idea to try? Or project you need help to grow? Need funding?

Friday 1 March 2013

QM Careers and Enterprise Centre is currently running a campaign to support both students and staff in starting up a social enterprise. We are awarding up to £500 to individuals that have a good idea for a social enterprise (TRY IT awards) and up to £5000 to individuals that have recently established a social enterprise and want to move it forward (GROW IT awards).

Some of you may have attended and been inspired by The Brilliant Club when they visited QM in October 2012 and January 2013. The Brilliant Club is defined as a social enterprise because it is a business that has a social focus and profits are reinvested in the business. There are other examples of social enterprises here on our sponsor's website.

We have already awarded funding to a number of people at QM, some of whom are now running social enterprises. Application forms for the competition can be found here.

So if you:
· have an idea that you would like to discuss
· see yourself as a social entrepreneur but would like support in generating an idea

· would like support with your application form:

then book a Friday enterprise slot with a QM Enterprise Careers Consultant by calling 020 7882 8533.

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