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Andy Smith’s column – your BLSA President

Tuesday 26 February 2013

This month saw the rejuvenation of the ‘Union Day’ which was established last year. The day was led by Delran Anandkumar of the Barts and The London Asian Society (BLAS) Committee. It brought together a number of societies including BLAS, BL Afro-Caribbean Society (BLACS) and BL Lifesavers.

Activities included mehndi and some games tournaments. The idea was to get people into the BLSA building and to promote the BLAS Cultural Show ‘Elegance’. Overall, a great success and thanks go to all those involved.

It was also encouraging to attend the BLSA AGM on Monday 18 Feb. Prof MacDonald, staff president of BLSA, was in attendance and spoke of the importance of the student body and the passion they bring to the school. Reports were also heard from all the clubs and societies which confirmed that there really is a fantastic range of activities taking place.
With the BLAS Cultural Show, RAG Fashion and Dance Show, Dental Race, UH competitions, Merger Cup, Bart’s Arts all looming this term, there’s more to come!

Andy Smith

BLSA President

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