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Vote now in the Students’ Union elections!

Tuesday 26 February 2013

It’s that time of the year when the Union runs its elections to decide who the next student leaders will be.  This year there are five candidates who are asking for your vote to become the next President of the Union, and another eight students running for the three Vice President positions.  On top of this there are over 50 students wanting to volunteer their time in one of the part-time positions to improve your student experience.

Decide you who you want to run the Students’ Union by voting at www.qmsu.org/elections.

Voting is open from 10am on Monday 4 March to 4pm on Friday 7 March.

The Union uses transferable voting, so instead of just choosing your favourite candidate you need to number the candidates in order of your preference.  This means you should put a number ‘1’ next to the candidate you want to win the election, number ‘2’ next to your next favourite candidate and so on until you have no further preferences or there are no more candidates.

If you don’t want any of the candidates to win still vote, but vote RON.  RON stands for Re-Open Nominations and if RON wins we will re-run the election for that position.

Election Results Party

Come find out who will be running your Union in the 2013/14 year at the election results party.

Friday 7 March at 8pm
Drapers Bar and Kitchen
Mile End

The winners will be announced as soon as the votes are counted and verified, so the exact time of the announcement of the results cannot be confirmed.
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