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BL Ski Trip – Tignes 2012-2013

Monday 4 February 2013

You may not have heard much about BL Snowsports as a big part of the students’ union, but I am pretty sure you would have heard a little something about BL’s annual winter ski trip.  Over the last few years, there has been an enormous increase in the number of students coming on the trip; going from 65 last year to 95 this year!  The interest at Freshers’ Fair was phenomenal and as part of the committee, I can safely say we were all a little apprehensive about what we had taken on!

This year BL travelled to Tignes in the French Alps.  We chose Tignes due to the expansive skiing area available, with the added option of a ski pass to Val-d’Isere, the lively nightlife on offer and the legendary Folie Douce Apres Ski bar that we had been introduced to the previous year in Val Thoren.  Our trip this year took place over New Year’s Eve and Tignes was offering the biggest outdoor NYE event in the Alps.  This was hard to turn down.

For many students, this was the first time they had been on a skiing holiday and so they opted to take lessons in skiing or snowboarding.  Some beginners decided not to take lessons, attempting to pick up some tips from YouTube beforehand and giving it a go when they got there.  There was a great mix of students from freshers to final year, with everyone integrating well.  

The skiing conditions were better than we could have hoped for; bright sunshine making for perfect visibility, very rare for late December and copious amounts of soft snow covering the pistes, with just enough snow falling midweek to keep the slopes from becoming icy.  

Each long day on the slopes was followed by a fancy dress themed night out.  Themes included a Mayan Apcoclypse, Noah’s Arc and movie themes assigned to each room.  Despite there being many different establishments on offer, in typical BL style, we found a place we liked and stuck to it, despite the lack of ventilation.  NYE was spent at a huge outdoor music stage next to Le Lac (a lake).  Each student was provided with an orange high visibility jacket to help keep everyone together, however, the enormous amount of locals and tourists that flocked there made it extremely difficult to stay together.   Thankfully everyone eventually made it home.  The fireworks at midnight were breath-takingly beautiful and really topped off a great evening.

For our last night, we attended a black tie dinner at a local restaurant.  Apparently it is not common for 95 people to be wandering through a ski resort in black tie, so it made for a great photo.  Here we awarded prizes including most improved skiier, best tourist and best dancer.  We also showed appreciation to the dedicated students who have attended the ski trip year after year without fail.

Many of the students on the trip who have been on a previous trip agreed that it was one of the most enjoyable to date.  All in all it was a fantastic success and we hope it grows every year and just keeps getting better and better!

Aisha Jalaly
Social Secretary
BL Snowsports

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