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How to…deal with exam anxiety and overcome procrastination!

Monday 4 February 2013

The Advice and Counselling Service at QM are running a series of workshops that give helpful hints and tips on how to manage the stress and anxiety of exams and how to overcome procrastination and feel more confident about managing your workload.

Managing exam anxiety

Feeling anxious about exams and deadlines? Come along to the Advice and Counselling Service’s workshop on Wednesday 23 March and learn how to:

• Understand how anxiety affects the mind and the body
• Manage the physical symptoms of anxiety
• Manage negative thoughts
• Feel more relaxed and better able to cope

The workshop is free to students and take place on Wednesday 23 March from 3.30-5pm in EB4a, Queen’s Building, Mile End.

To register, visit the website and book your place via the Advice and Counselling Services event calendar.


Overcoming procrastination traps

Putting things off? Not meeting important deadlines? Spending excessive amounts of time on less important stuff? Not completing tasks you’re committed to?

Procrastination is pretty common in groups of adults, and it is something all students suffer from time to time. If the consequences of putting important tasks off is interfering in your being able to enjoy and get on with life, then procrastination may be a problem that needs addressing.  

The Advice and Counselling Service are offering a series of five one and a half-hour workshops over five weeks, from 26 February to help you make some progress in overcoming and reducing procrastination. These meetings will:
• Include information to identify how procrastination affects you;
• What factors might perpetuate it despite efforts to change; and
• Techniques to put a stop to procrastinating.

The meetings will involve working on the problem directly in the group to gain practice using recommended strategies.

The five week course will take place on Tuesdays from 4.15- 5.45pm in Room 3.16, ArtsTwo, Mile End:

• Tuesday 26 February
• Tuesday 5 March
• Tuesday 12 March
• Tuesday 19 March
• Tuesday 26 March

The course is free to students and there are 20 spaces available so register now here or via the Advice and Counselling Events calendar.

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