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Faculty of Science and Engineering celebrate teaching and research staff

Monday 4 February 2013

On Tuesday 15 January staff from the Faculty of Science and Engineering (S&E) gathered at the second annual S&E Faculty Teaching and Research Performance Awards. Ten awards were made to academic staff who have made a big contribution to the innovative teaching of students and production of exciting research that is at the cutting edge.

Five lecturers from each school in S&E were commended for their innovative teaching. Professor Steve Lloyd from SPA, also winner of the School’s Golden Corduroy Jacket award, was recognised for his high student feedback ratings in all aspects of teaching.  Dr Rosemary Harris from SMS was congratulated for her use of technology in Mathematics lectures which students have said has really enhanced their learning experience. Dr Michael Chai from EECS was recognised for his contribution to the continued success of QM’s Joint Programme with BUPT with the development of the virtual environment e-lab for the Internet Protocols module. Other winners included Dr Nathalie Lebrasseur (SBCS) and Dr Fariborz Motallebi (SEMS).

Staff were also recognised for their contribution to high impact research work: Dr Steve Rossiter (SBCS); Dr Chrisantha Fernando (EECS); Professor Mike Reece (SEMS); Dr Oscar Bandtlow (SMS); and Dr Lucio Cerrito (SPA).

Want to let QM know about an excellent teacher, or if you’ve received outstanding research or innovative teaching? Then make your nominations in QMSU’s Teaching Awards 2012/13: www.qmsu.org/teachingawards

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