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QM Societies: Doctoral Students Society

Wednesday 6 November 2013

The Doctoral Students Society is one of QM’s newest societies. Starting in September 2013, it aims to connect, inform and support QM’s community of doctoral students. Cesar Pantoja, President of the Doctoral Students Society, talks about the society, its main aims and activities, and how you can get involved.

The Doctoral Students Society has been running since September 2013, and currently has around 80 members.

The main aims of the society are to:

  • Connect: Engage with the QM doctoral student body and provide a sense of community and inclusivity across all faculties
  • Inform: Ensure members are kept up to date with information relevant to their research experience and social interests
  • Support: Establish a support network for students to facilitate a positive doctoral student experience whilst studying at QM

The Doctoral Students Society is registered as an academic society but is also the social side of PhD life at QM, bringing together research students from all faculties and disciplines. This term the Society has already held a Halloween party, is planning a karoke and bowling event and will be running a trip to London’s Christmas markets. Over the remainder of the year we hope to organise trips in and around London as well.

The society mainly caters for research students and post-docs though we welcome all members of the student body at QM and membership can be bought through the QMSU website. We are always looking for new people to get involved in the running of the society and to bring in ideas about events, sources of sponsorship and things that doctoral students may be interested in.

Cesar Pantoja, President of the Doctoral Students Society, said: “Doing a PhD is hard, and in our path we find many challenges and difficulties not only academic, but personal too. Our society was born out of our own need to make the life and overall experience of QM PhD students easier. Our motto represents our three aims as a society: connect, inform, support. We hope to run many more events that will create a sense of community and belonging to the body of PhD students in QM.”

Get in touch with the Doctoral Students Society:

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