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QM Societies: Economics Society

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Hana Hammouda, President of the Economics Society, talks about the aims of the society, the activities – social, sports and careers events – that the society runs, and how you can get involved.

‘Why would you want to be part of the Economics Society if you’re not studying anything related to business, finance or economics? Or even if you are? Economics is a social science that underpins much of what happens everyday. We are all directly, or indirectly, affected by economics; it is highly relevant in the world we live in. Broaden your horizons, step out of your comfort zone and join us in looking at situations differently, through the lens of Economics!   Although we are an academic society, we have numerous social, sports and careers events available to our members. We are currently the largest society on campus with around 400 members!

We have a variety of careers events coming up that you might be interested in. You might think of an Economics graduate working as Wall Street type banker donning a crisp suit, wearing highly polished shoes to match his shiny sports car, who’s shouting across the trading room floor while wielding 3 telephones. Or, you may associate it with greying, bearded, monocle-wearing wise old men sat around a circular glossed mahogany table in a dimly lit room, discussing inflation, economic growth and monetary policy in some obscure corner of the Bank of England.

While it is not uncommon for Economics and Finance graduates to go in to these roles (with or without the monocle), the Economics society can introduce you to careers that you haven’t considered, or help you get the connections and information you need to target the job you want. This isn’t limited to Economics students either; we can assist anyone that is interested in exploring their potential career paths.’

Highlights of events so far this year:

  • Society Launch Party
  • CV Workshops
  • Business Games - on campus business games events with the Institute of Chartered Accounts for England and Wales (ICAEW) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). These events were simulated business games providing an insight into finance/accounting career paths and provided information on interviews for said jobs.  
  • Bank of England External Presentation and Mock Assessment Centre  
  • 'Future of Islamic Finance in the UK' lecture
  • Society of Business Economists Annual Conference
  • Alumni Panel event

Upcoming events:
For the remainder of this semester we have the following events, plus our traditional end of term social:

  • Trading and Portfolio Management career seminar (Monday 11 November at 6pm, Arts 2 LT) - former trader Anton Kreil delivering a seminar on how the trading and portfolio management industry has changed over the last few years
  • Game Theory in Practice (Thursday 14 November) - seminar delivered by Mark Williams, held in partnership with the Society of Business Economists at the Office of Fair Trading
  • Emerging Markets - New safe havens (Thursday 21 November at 6.30pm in Fogg LT) - on campus talk with Regional Editor of Oxford Business Group who will deliver a speech on new and developing trade patterns in emerging markets  

Social and sporting activities and events
The Economics Society hosts a student versus staff football tournament every Monday between 2:00-3:00pm at QMotion, among other sporting events throughout the year. So if you enjoy a kick-about (or have a vendetta against a particular lecturer) you may want to fasten your football boots and join us. For those of you who like to meet new people, perhaps at a less energetic function, our regular social events might interest you! Join us for our pool, darts and giant Jenga night once a month over a drink at Rileys Sports Bar, where you could win our competition! Also keep on the look out for our popular Economics Society magazine ‘Chronicle of Economic Affairs’.


Whatever your discipline, or economic knowledge, the Economics Society has something for you! So buy your membership for just £2 at the QMSU website now to avoiding missing out on the exciting year we have planned!

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