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Information for international students

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Some international students may have been experiencing delays with applications with the Home Office to extend immigration permissions. Read on to find out more about this, and other information about how to make the most of your time in the UK, and details of how to register with a GP, if you haven’t already.

Delays at the Home Office
If you have recently made an application to extend your immigration permission in the UK, it is taking the Home Office around two weeks to scan your posted documents on to their system. Many students are receiving reminder letters from the Home Office saying that they haven’t received your documents. These letters are generated automatically, so don’t worry. You should then receive another letter which invites you register your biometric details (fingerprints and a picture). You can expect to receive this biometrics letter within about three weeks of your documents arriving at the Home Office. If you have waited more than three weeks, you can contact the Advice and Counselling Service who will make enquiries with the Home Office for you www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk/contact.

Making the most of your time in the UK
International Students House is a social, cultural and recreational centre in the heart of London. It’s a great place to meet other students, and to join in with a wide range of activities such as social events, day trips and weekends away to other parts of the UK and Europe. Find out more on their website http://www.ishevents.org/

HOST UK is an organisation which promotes international friendship and understanding by arranging for international students studying in the UK to spend a day, weekend or Christmas in a British home. You just have to pay a fee of £60 per visit, plus your travel costs. If you want to apply for a Christmas visit, the deadline is 11 November. For detailed information about the Host scheme, and to make an application, go to www.hostuk.org.uk/contact.

Have you registered with a GP yet?
It is important to register with a GP in the UK. Don’t wait until you become unwell to register, as the registration process can take some time. There is detailed information about accessing healthcare in the UK on the Advice and Counselling Service website www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk/international/healthcare.

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