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BL Student Oct 2013 - Ali Jawad column

Thursday 31 October 2013

Hello all,

In case you weren’t swept up with election fever back in March, I was elected BLSA President! I consider it a great responsibility and privilege to represent all the students within the SMD.  I’m taking a full year out, having just finished my fourth year of medicine (passed!), and I’m here to work tirelessly to ensure you get the best student experience possible. So get in touch if you think I can help with anything, or just don’t know who to ask!

With the academic year now in full motion, the majority of my efforts are being focused on several action plans: developing the Union’s Mental Wellbeing campaign, putting together recommendations for a change in our mentoring system, and other welfare issues. Additionally, work on the Student-Staff conference is well underway, and the Union’s Societies Development Strategy is taking shape.

All the best,

Ali Jawad
BLSA President

020 7882 8685
@BartsLondonQMSU on Twitter

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