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The Medical Schools Council publishes Celebrating Achievement

Thursday 31 October 2013

The Medical Schools Council has published Celebrating Achievement: The Exceptional Work of UK Medical Schools and Students. The booklet consists of pieces submitted by the UK’s medical schools to exemplify their recent achievements, these pieces linked to one of five themes: medical education; delivering benefits to the local community; values-based selection and widening participation in medicine; global and population health; and inspiring the clinical academic medical researchers of the future.

The Medical Schools Council is proud to present this broad and compelling range of material, ranging across everything from community outreach programmes in Scotland to widening participation projects in England, from student-developed learning resources in Wales to patient-involvement schemes in Northern Ireland.

It makes an excellent case for the value of UK medical schools both on the broader level of their innovative programmes and curricula, and also on the individual level of their students’ amazing endeavours. Readers can see how our medical schools and students are working to the benefit of their communities and the UK as a whole.

Professor Tony Weetman, Chair of the Medical Schools Council, said:

‘In a time of such rapid change in the NHS and all levels of healthcare it is crucial to have new doctors who are able to deal with complex and ever-changing pressures. This requires considerable grounding in medical knowledge and practice, of course, but it also requires a developed sense of care and empathy, the ability always to engage with patients on a human level. This is an essential part of responding to the General Medical Council’s recommendations for the doctors of tomorrow, particularly in light of events detailed by the Francis Inquiry.

‘Initiatives such as those highlighted in Celebrating Achievement are therefore creating a better healthcare environment for everyone. They are part of a medical education system which produces some of the best young doctors in the world – who are themselves equipped to innovate and guide future generations.’

Celebrating Achievement can be accessed here: http://www.medschools.ac.uk/Publications/Pages/Celebrating-Achievement.aspx

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