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Problems with student timetables - we apologise for the recent confusion

Monday 7 October 2013

We realise that some of you have experienced significant problems with your timetables during the start of term. Here we explain the background and benefits of the new timetable system and how we are resolving the problems that have occurred.

New timetabling system

QM has implemented a new timetabling system across the university that is designed to replace the many individual timetabling systems in place in each School and Institute. The new system brings with it a number of advantages in providing with us with information on how we can better manage our teaching and learning space for students. This is a significant step for QM as this level of information has not been available on a single system before.

The benefits of the new system

We invested in a new system in order to offer everyone a personalised timetable that is accessible online (via QM plus) 24/7. The new system will offer updates to students – so they’ll know straight away if a lecture has moved. In the future, it will be quicker to book teaching space and communicate schedules, so students know where they need to be further in advance and staff can focus on teaching instead of administration.

How we're managing and resolving the problems

The detailed data that drives the timetable view that you see in QMPlus has been entered by Schools and Institutes over the course of the last few weeks and months as module enrolments for new and continuing students have been completed. 

As a result of introducing a completely new piece of software we have encountered unfortunate problems that will have impacted your experience of using the timetables, for which we apologise. We’re working hard to fix these problems as soon as we can, and expect the new service to be properly up and running for everyone by the end of the month. The team implementing the timetabling system is working closely with Schools and Institutes, and the supplier of the timetabling software to actively resolve these issues as they occur.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by these problems. Ultimately the student experience will be improved by the new timetabling system; as the systems are resolved, and the semester progresses, we hope that your experience of the timetabling system will become much smoother.

Where to go for help

If you continue to experience problems with using your timetable, please contact Martin Burke in the central timetabling team at m.burke@qmul.ac.uk.

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