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PhD student wins first sound engineering scholarship from top audio brand

Friday 4 October 2013

Brecht De Man, a PhD student from QM’s Centre for Digital Music – part of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science – has been named as the first recipient of a new scholarship for audio engineers, sponsored by international audio brand Harman.

Brecht was awarded the $5,000 Harman Scholarship to support his research into audio practices and intelligent music production tools.

The grant, which is issued by the Audio Engineering Society (AES), is an incentive for exceptional audio engineering students and can be used for tuition costs or living expenses whilst studying.

Brecht graduated with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis on acoustics and signal processing, from the University of Ghent, Belgium. He is a recording and mixing engineer, piano player and teacher, and is currently undertaking a research internship in Montréal, Canada, with McGill University and MixGenius - a QM spin-off company.

Brecht joined QM’s Centre for Digital Music – part of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science - in 2012, where he is undertaking his PhD under the supervision of Dr Josh Reiss. Brecht recently restarted a student chapter of the AES, making contact with student members from London’s universities and attempting to bring both practical and research-oriented students closer together.

He comments: “This is the first year the Harman Scholarship has been awarded, and I've already had the honour of speaking to Harman’s Chief Technology Officer. I’m hoping to visit them in their headquarters at some point during my PhD, to present my research. My tuition fees are generously supported by QM but I’m an otherwise unfunded PhD student and support myself largely through teaching. This grant is a great help and will hopefully enable me to focus more on my research.”

For more information about Brecht’s research, visit www.brechtdeman.com/

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