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QM Society: Unite

Thursday 19 September 2013

QMSU has many societies that you can be part of during your time at QM. Here we profile Unite, a Christian society which consists of a gospel choir, drama, poetry, dance and music workshops, and hear about the events they’ll be involved in over the coming academic year.


Unite is a Christian society which consists of a gospel choir, drama, poetry, dance and music workshops, with a book club also to be introduced this academic year. Students from all backgrounds and walks of life make up this Society that was founded seven years ago. From medics to mathematicians and psychologists to engineers, they're a young bunch of talented, fun individuals that continue to grow closer together as a family.

The name 'Unite', stems from their foundation message, found in Psalms 133:1 'Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!' They are passionate about oneness, peace and togetherness between all people whether Christian or not and continues to be a society that welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Throughout the academic year they put on several events where they showcase the talent within their workshops. Unite's three main events are:

  • Come Union (Autumn Period) - A relaxed, chilled and jazz vibe event held in the Ground Cafe on Campus. Performances from guest artists and all Unite Workshops, provide a great atmosphere for mingling and gaining first insight to what Unite do
  • Christmas Event - 'A Night of Lights' (Winter Period) - a joyous time celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ: night of lights, laughter and entertainment.
  • Love Event - usually around Valentine's day, this event brings everyone together, showcasing brotherly love in the form of singing and dancing. For couples, singles, young and old - no one is left out.

Unite Society aim to expand in every direction this coming academic year. Some plans for this year include a Christmas Carol collaboration with all the London University Gospel Choirs and Poetry Workshops. Additionally, there have been talks of Unite holding the first Student Conference which will invite universities from all over the UK.

Over the past year, Unite Society has seen its Gospel Choir, QMUL Unite Choir, blossom and reach new heights. In July alone, QMUL Unite Choir were finalists in the University Gospel Choir of the Year Competition (UGCY) and a week on from that, they were performing in the Royal Albert Hall, making history in the first ever BBC Gospel Proms.

Unite however do not want to keep the success of its choir confined, but want to ensure that every workshop within the society can reach and even exceed the level attained by the choir. Unite want to show students and staff at QM that the University experience doesn't have to be dull or boring, but instead all can be a part of a body that leaves a positive impact on the lives of people.

Though they put a lot of time and effort into the various workshops in the society, they aim to highlight the importance of having a balance between studies and recreational activities and are ambassadors for ensuring their grades are at a good standard.  

There are many things that Unite have to look forward to in the near future, with preparations for Fresher's Fair already mapped out. It promises to be an uplifting and inspiring year.

Obehi Orukpe, President of Unite Society, commented: ‘Our aim is to be fully integrated with both the students and staff at QM as well as representing our university in a great light outside of the campus walls. We hope that more students and staff will come and join the Unite Society, and experience the joy that comes from bring involved in a society.’

If you're interested in joining Unite, or just want to find out a little bit more, then get in touch!

Email: qmul.unite@gmail.com
Facebook: qmUNITEsoc
YouTube: qmulUNITEsoc
Twitter: @QMUnite
Instagram: QMUnite

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