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Get involved with QM’s Canal Clean-Up Project

Monday 3 June 2013

If you’ve been down by Regent’s Canal at the Mile End campus you may have seen volunteers taking part in the Canal Clean Up project. QM’s Sustainability Fund has recently allocated funding to support a project to get students, staff and the wider community to get involved in regularly cleaning up the section of the canal that runs through this campus. Find out more about the project and how you can get involved.

After consultation with QMSU Volunteering and Thames21, London’s leading waterway charity, the Canal Clean Up project coordinators agreed that by creating a group of staff and students within QM, trained to be leaders in environmental stewardship, the health and wellbeing of one of QM’s most prized assets can finally be maintained for the long term, rather than the short.

The Canal Clean Up project coordinators have been provided with £450 from the Sustainability Fund, enough to buy equipment for 15 people to undertake cleaning at any one time. The purchase of this equipment will allow the coordinators to hold regular events though out the year.

The Sustainability Fund provides funding for projects that promote environmental sustainability and positively impact and enhance the student experience at QM. The Fund will allocate funds to projects that increase the use of renewable energy on campus and/or in the local community, increase the energy efficiency of our facilities, reduce the amount of waste created and material resources used on campus, encourage sustainable behaviours and integrate sustainability into teaching, research, and service at QM.

The QM Canal Cleaning group warmly welcome new members. If you would like to be trained in Leading a Waterway Clean Up, provided free by Thames21, or volunteer at one of our upcoming events, please contact Hayley Peacock

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