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Got stuff you don’t need anymore? Don’t chuck it – Reuse and Rehome it!

Monday 3 June 2013

Instead of throwing away your unwanted items when you leave why not give them to the QM Halls Reuse Campaign? If you’re in Halls, just take your unwanted items to Residences Reception for recycling. Instead of being sent for disposal and landfill - all items in good condition will be given to local, national and international charities, homeless hostels and other reuse organisations (through CRISP). 

Do your bit for the environment and for those in need!

Items accepted:

  • Clothes and shoes (must be clean and undamaged)
  • Bedding and bed linen (clean duvets, blankets, pillows. Dry clean towels and bed linen)
  • Food (must be unopened packages. Include canned foods, dried goods, biscuits, tea-bags, etc - no perishables)
  • Kitchen items (must be in good condition and washed. Include cutlery, plates, cups, pots and pans.

Last year, 69 university halls of residence from 12 different London universities collected over 33 tonnes of unwanted items for reuse, the equivalent of half a  tonne per hall and saving 360 tonnes of CO2(e). One tonne of CO2 is the equivalent of travelling by air from London to New York and back!. Find out more about the charities which are supported by rehoming items you no longer need: http://www.qmul.ac.uk/about/sustainability/newsandevents/reuserehome/index.html

What to do with other waste

For any items that cannot be donated but can be recycled generally (e.g. aluminium cans, packaging etc), recycling bags can be collected from Residences Reception.

Please dispose of any non-recyclable items in black bags (also provided by Residences Reception). Failure to do so will result in you being charged for the removal of these items. Please leave all non-recyclable general waste in black bags in the flat kitchen – these will be removed daily from Monday to Friday.

Before leaving your hall:

  • Ensure all food is removed from fridges, freezers and cupboards
  • Ensure that glass and sharp objects are NOT put into black bags but are disposed of separately
  • Check under beds and take all your belongings with you – we will only consider valuable items as lost property and all other items will be discarded.
  • Take all recyclable rubbish in pink bags to Residences Reception
  • Please make sure your room is completely clear of all items before you leave
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