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How stand up could be the key to your start-up

Thursday 20 September 2012

Next month, Drapers Bar and Kitchen on Mile End campus will play host to an unexpected combination of locals and students - East London comedians will join young local business brains at Start Up Stand Up, a unique evening of entertainment on Thursday 25 October.

‘Start Up Stand Up’ sees East End entrepreneurs from start-ups share the spotlight with up and coming comedians at Drapers.

Speakers include My Pocket Interpreter, Stag Musicians, Flat Club, Elevate Direct and Smile Machine.

Young business people will give light-hearted reflections on their road to success, aiming to inspire the audience’s business minds and ideas.

Last year, that is exactly what happened when student Ushan Samson attended Start Up Stand Up. Attending as a spectator on a whim, this year Ushan returns as a speaker, hoping to inspire the audience with the story of his own start-up, My Pocket Interpreter.

Ushan explains how Start Up Stand Up furthered his business:

“We attended Start-up Stand-up because we thought it was a novel approach to networking and learning about other entrepreneurs who had gone through what we had.

“It in turn turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.

“A few months ago we were operating under a different name, had a different infrastructure and a different focus. By attending the event we were able to find ourselves a few mentors. This was made easy due to the informality of the whole event. A mix of humour and candidness made these established businessmen easy to approach.

“The best feeling as a start-up is being able to pitch your idea to someone you don’t know and have them support it and get excited over it. That first chance meeting led to several consecutive meetings. By having mentors that were calling us, taking a real interest and helping us to keep our start-up lean we were able to have a laser beam focus on what we needed to do now and what we could save for later. This is a crucial element to the lifecycle of a start-up and one of the most easily overlooked ones!

“I would highly recommend attending stand-up start-up, even if you don’t have a business and are just considering starting, this would be an excellent way to network and test your idea out on real business people. If you’re a start-up, then this is your best opportunity to find a mentor or two (or more). These mentors can be more valuable then funding sometimes.”

Start Up Stand Up takes place on Thursday 25 October at Drapers Bar and Kitchen on Mile End campus. You will be able to register for the event two weeks in advance, so in the meantime keep an eye on QM Careers events for more information: www.careers.qmul.ac.uk/events

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