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IT Services: top five useful things you should know

Thursday 20 September 2012

We are investing in new IT services to enhance and personalise your experience at Queen Mary – enabling you to learn when and where you want, even on a mobile device.

“There’s no better time to join Queen Mary. There is a massive amount of change going on in IT and we are introducing new services to make your student life that little bit easier,” said Chris Day, Director of IT Services.

“It’s important to us that we are providing you with a range of modern technologies to help your studies, and that employers of today and tomorrow will also expect you to be familiar with,” he added.

Here are some links and information that you may find helpful:

1. IT Helpdesk 

For help with IT related queries such as setting up your account, Wi-Fi or email, get in touch with the IT Helpdesk:

Visit: Room W209, Floor 2, Queens’ Building, Mile End (open 8.20am to 5.30pm)

Tel: 020 7882 8888

Email: its-helpdesk@qmul.ac.uk

2. Wi-Fi and accessing campus PCs        

Now you have your College account you can connect to the eduroam network, our preferred method for Wi-Fi access. It’s secure and shouldn’t require you to log in each time you want to access the internet. It is also accessible at other participating institutions. Follow the set up instructions: qm-web.its.qmul.ac.uk/connectPC.shtml

Each of the College campuses has an extensive network of PCs available for student use. You can check Wi-FI hotspots and live PC availability at: availability.stu.qmul.ac.uk

3. Print service

Printers are available in all student service managed labs, the Hive and the libraries. Library devices can also photocopy and scan. Printing, photocopying and Library fines are all paid for using your QM iPay account, which is linked to your College ID card.

Heads up: all printers print double-sided unless you change the settings. For more information or to access your QM iPay account, visit: www.stu.qmul.ac.uk/printing

4. Email

The College uses Microsoft Office 365 for student email and calendaring. This web-based service is available to all new students starting in September 2012. There’s 25GB of storage for each user and you can easily access it from your mobile device. For more information and to access your email visit: www.qmul.ac.uk/mail

5. Online learning and lecture videos 

QMplus is our new online learning environment, which the College is introducing this year and is starting to replace Blackboard. It contains a wealth of resources and activities that you are likely to use to support your studies. To access QMplus, visit: qmplus.qmul.ac.uk

Blackboard is the old online learning environment. Courses within undergraduate Medicine (MBBS) will still be using Blackboard during the 2012/13 academic year. If you are studying on the MBBS programme, then you should log in to Blackboard at: www.elearning.qmul.ac.uk

Q-Review is our service that records live lectures and teaching materials. Presenters can choose to record their lectures and make them available in QMplus and Blackboard – so you should be able to watch them anytime, anywhere on any device. Find out more at: www.learninginstitute.qmul.ac.uk/elearning/services/q-review

Read more about the IT services coming this year, download the IT services for students leaflet:

IT Services for students
IT Services for students [PDF 116 KB]
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