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Graduate Attributes support you to develop your skills and strengths

Thursday 20 September 2012

Welcome to the beginning of your time at university! Your life here will be filled with new experiences, hard work and a lot of fun; these will be some of the most memorable years of your life. We want to make sure that you make the most of your time at Queen Mary and emerge at the end of your studies as a distinctive, confident and capable graduate.

QM provides support, advice and initiatives to enhance your personal and professional development. The Queen Mary Graduate Attributes are designed to give you every opportunity, throughout your student experience, to develop key skills and strengths that are highly valued by employers and which you’ll benefit from throughout your future life.

What are the Attributes I need?

QM has worked with academics, current students, alumni and recruiters to find out exactly what skills and strengths are valued by employers. There are 37 of them, gathered into seven themes! But don’t be put off - you’ll have opportunities to develop many of the attributes in your academic studies, such as in group activities and projects, presentation or written work.

This isn’t just about academic work. Your student experience should also be about developing as a person. Taking part in extra-curricular activities here on campus can help you develop a new skills set, be personally fulfilling and also enhance your employability. Join the Student Union or sports clubs, become a course representative, mentor or ambassador, volunteer through Provide or take part in social enterprise projects with Queen Mary SIFE – the opportunities are endless. For more information about all the on-campus extra-curricular activities on offer, check out the Queen Mary Student Union website here.

And it’s not just about learning new skills: you will find many of the attributes familiar: we also aim to help you indentify what you already have, and communicate this positively and confidently to employers and investors.  You will be given opportunities to record and reflect on your progress through your School’s academic advising or personal development planning systems and through specifically created workshops or schemes such as the Queen Mary Skills Award.

Reaching university is a remarkable achievement - now you have a responsibility to yourself and to others to make the most from your time here. For more information, tips and advice on how to develop your own Graduate Attributes Profile visit mindthegap.qmul.ac.uk.

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