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Q-Review records your lectures for you

Thursday 20 September 2012

At Queen Mary we have a College-wide lecture capture system in place called Q-Review. Q-Review is a service teaching staff can use to automatically record live lectures or pre-record supplementary materials. It is installed in 44 lecture theatres and teaching spaces across the QM campuses. A full list of rooms is available here on the E-Learning website: www.learninginstitute.qmul.ac.uk/elearning.

It records audio, video and the screen (eg PowerPoint or a visualiser). Links to these recordings are sent directly to your course area on QMplus, QM's Online Learning Environment. The recordings will also play on your smartphone or mobile device (Android or iOS).

What does this mean for you? One student summarized the benefits by saying that:

  • "You can go back and listen to the lectures again if you don’t understand a point
  • You can listen to them in your own time
  • You can make more thorough notes by pausing and playing the recordings
  • You can catch up on any missed lectures
  • It helps to refresh your memory during exam time”

“As someone who learns quicker when watching something, as opposed to just reading about it, I found your video very very helpful”, said a second year Biology student.

Follow this link on your computer to see an example of a Q-Review recording: tinyurl.com/8mauuwl

Learn more about the system: 


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