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Information about bursaries for Queen Mary students

12 March 2018

This page describes some of the changes we are making to QMUL bursaries next academic year.

Bursaries are an important way of supporting students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, and as a university we spend a significant amount of money on them every year. This money is drawn from tuition fees: the government requires that approximately £1,000 of the £9,250 university fee every home undergraduate student pays is spent on supporting students from under-represented backgrounds to go to university and succeed while they are here. At Queen Mary, the majority of this money is used for bursaries.   

Last year, we commissioned some research into the impact of our bursary spend. This showed that bursaries have the greatest impact on those who come from families with a household income below £15,000. Over 30% of our home undergraduate students come from a family with this level of income, and from 2018/19 we have increased the bursaries these students receive. The research also showed that bursaries had less of an impact on those who come from families with income levels above this amount, and so we have decreased bursaries for those students. In addition, we have used more of this money to raise aspirations of school students from under-represented backgrounds to go to university, and on other forms of support for these students while they are with us. The total expenditure as a percentage of our income remains the same for 2018/19 as it was this year, at 30% of income from home undergraduate fees above £6,000.

The use of this percentage of university fees is accountable to government, and reviewed internally by a group led by Rebecca Lingwood, Vice-Principal (Student Experience, Teaching and Learning). The Students’ Union are valuable members of that group, and participated fully in the discussions that led to the agreed changes described above. The bursary changes will apply to full-time home undergraduate students who start a course at Queen Mary in the academic year 2018/19, and will not affect the bursaries schemes for existing students.

There is more information about bursaries at Queen Mary here.



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