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QMUL Model

What is the QMUL Model?
The QMUL Model is an innovative teaching and learning initiative that will broaden opportunities for Queen Mary undergraduates within and beyond higher education. It will support you to plan and manage your ongoing professional development.

The Model is firmly grounded in the core QMUL values of respect for, and engagement with, its various communities, with a distinctive focus on enabling graduates to make a genuine societal impact through leadership in their chosen field. The Model is organised around the key themes of:

  • networking – skills to enable you to develop your own professional networks, engage with employers, and work with local communities
  • multi- and inter-disciplinarity – critical thinking fostered by studying across a range of areas beyond the boundaries of your degree programme
  • international/global perspectives – developing skills and experiences relating to international and multi-cultural perspectives, and thinking about your discipline in a global context
  • enterprising perspectives – skills, attitudes and behaviours characterised by creativity, problem-solving, innovation and leadership.

Why has the QMUL Model been introduced?
At QMUL, we strongly believe that there is a need for higher education that values a broader range of characteristics than just those linked to specific subject knowledge and so, to prepare you for the challenges of the 21st century, the QMUL Model has been designed. The Model will create a tailored university experience for QMUL students through the development of networking skills, cross-disciplinary critical thinking, a global outlook and enterprising skills. 

How will the QMUL Model work?
The QMUL Model will be delivered as an integrated part of your programme of study with the addition of related extra-curricular opportunities. 

What is a Model module?
A set of Model learning outcomes (download available below) has been designed to develop knowledge, skills and experience related to the four themes.  Each Model module contains at least one Model learning outcome. Model modules may be 10 or 15 credits.

QMUL Model learning outcomes [PDF 19KB]

Does the QMUL Model apply to all students?
By completion of the roll-out detailed below, all undergraduate students* will study at least one Model module each academic year.

Academic Year





4 and 5


4, 5 and 6


4,5, 6 and 7 (integrated masters) 

What is the Skills Review?
The Skills Review is an online survey, designed to help you monitor your progress against the Model themes. 

Where can I find further help about Model module selection?
The module directory provides information on all modules being offered, including all Model modules. The directory detailing modules available in 2018-19 will be available from mid-March 2018.

If your programme of study allows you to select a Model module, either from choices within your School and/or from beyond your home School, you can seek advice from your School. 

* The only exceptions are students studying Degree Apprenticeships and the LLB Senior Status programme.
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