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With a population of 8.6m and more than 100 languages spoken, the people of London represent cultures from every corner of the earth. Queen Mary is perfectly placed for you to take advantage of all that London has to offer. In this section you’ll find information about our campuses and facilities, exploring London and guidance on Queen Mary's online resources.

“It’s nice having everything all in one location at the Mile End campus. There’s a real sense of community. Campus is almost its own little village: our own little space in London” – Hugo Batista, Information Technology Student.

“I joined the Commuters Society, which is a great way to make friends before you even start at Queen Mary. There are meet-ups before the courses start and you get to meet other people you can perhaps travel into uni with, or people who are on your course” – Sofie Woods, Mechanical Engineering Student.

“I think my favourite thing about Queen Mary in general probably has to be the location… the East End has so many great venues and interesting things going on. And coming from a small town in Devon, the chance to meet people from all over the world is brilliant” – Edie Edmunsuon, Drama Student.

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